CartoonHD – the best place to watch movies, shows and more
Cartoon HD is a video streaming (and downloading) service that can be downloaded as an app on smartphones and tablets. It lets users stream and even download movies, cartoons and television shows online for free. You’ll find each and every latest movie/movie. Cartoon HD does not tell users to register or download any plugin. All users need to do here – download the app, install it and just run it. Cartoon HD has more than 300,000 videos in its database (collection) including cartoons, movies and shows. This app is free of malicious content or files that can damage your devices. There are a lot of third-party apps out there that contain viruses and malware. However, Cartoon HD is absolutely safe and safe to use. Download this app from the link below (for free).

Cartoon HD doesn’t have bloatware that’s quite prominent among other third-party apps. Bloatware slows down devices and causes unnecessary gaps and accidents. With freedom from these bloatware (and irrelevant ads), it offers users an ad-free and lag-free experience. As soon as a film releases, it is uploaded to Cartoon HD in no time. Thus, it’s the fastest streaming service provider (way faster than Netflix) and everything here is free. The interface is very smooth and user friendly and works without scraps or issues. You get a lag-free and hassle-free experience with Cartoon HD (both on smartphones and tablets). The best part about this app is that you can either stream videos online or download them to your device. From Game of Thrones to Stranger Things, this app has it all in its collection. Download the Cartoon-HD app from the link today.

key features of cartoon HD app

Cartoon HD has some amazing features that can definitely turn heads. However, not all facilities can be discussed here. So, here are some key features of the Cartoon HD app.

Amazing, unlimited movies and shows- this is your one-stop for all the latest and popular movies and television shows (including cartoons). You can take advantage of its massive content collection that includes thousands of videos. It’s up to you – either stream everything online or download it to your devices.
Great video quality-everything on Cartoon HD is available in Full HD quality (i.e. 1080p). However, those of you who want to play videos at low resolutions also support Cartoon HD 720p and less.
Absolutely free – Cartoon HD is free of micro-transactions and therefore, everything here is free to use. There is no subscription-based fair use (like Netflix) here. Just download and install the app and start using it without any hassle.

Bloatware-free experience – The Cartoon HD app runs smoothly on every device because it does not contain bloatware. Bloatware there are micro-programs inside other apps that use memory and cause lag. The lack of bloatware here ensures a smooth overall experience.

Compatible with many operating systems – this is the best thing about Cartoon HD. It can be run on Android, Windows, iOS and many other operating systems. Download the related file and download your smartphone/smartphone today. Install on the tablet.

Free of ads – we all know how many annoying ads can be at times. Ads not only use a lot of internet data, but they also load in the most random moments. Don’t worry, you won’t find ads here in Cartoon HD.

Video compression engine – a normal 1080p video, consumes about 3GB of mobile data when streamed for about an hour. Decreases to more than 2). As you see, this app saves a lot of your valuable internet data.

Cartoon HD and Other (Netflix, Prime Video ,etc)


Netflix and its types of apps/apps Services movies for users around the world (original/original) Other) and Television/Television Web series are well known for providing. These services have many users around the world and have a monthly/monthly report. The annual fee has to be paid. But why should you spend your money to see the content when everything can be seen for free? This is what Cartoon HD aims to provide users with. Cartoon HD has found more than 200,000 videos in its massive database collection. All you have to do is open the app once and that’s it. Now Video/Video Buy/buy ingredients There is no need to go through rental troubles. You can easily kill it with Cartoon HD – the best place for all movies, TV series and cartoons. And wait, its collection includes everything from Netflix, Hulu and Prime Video combined. Isn’t this a huge collection? Check out this app to find it for yourself.

There are so many people (myself included) who love watching anime on the web. However, these online services have a very limited anime content (which is really sad). People spend a huge amount here and then they become dissatisfied at the end. Some argue that anime is simply cartoon, but for them I should say – it’s more than that. So, for all those anime lovers (shout-out for you awesome people), Cartoon HD has a huge anime collection. It has cowboy bebop, fulmetal alchemist, dragon ball jade, steins gate, psycho-pass, neon origin, attack on titan, bleach and much more. Anime Lovers will be nothing less than entertainment for the very core with this app. In addition to anime, there are thousands of other cartoons – classics as well as new ones – to keep you entertained. Cartoon-HD is the future of film streaming.

Similar apps to Cartoon HD


Cartoon HD is an amazing app, no doubt. However, it would be a sin if some other viable-enough apps are not listed here. So, here’s a list of some apps that are similar to Cartoon-HD that can be considered as a good choice.

Showbox – This is a really popular movie streaming app that has become popular over time. Like Cartoon HD, it also aims to provide free movies and content for everyone. It has over 1 million users worldwide and overall, it’s a great app. The only downside (on Cartoon HD) is that Showbox is compatible only with Android devices.

Popcorn Time – Popcorn Time is probably the first of its kind app to provide a cinema-like experience on tablets and smartphones. This is a movie streaming app that can turn your devices into theatres. With its iconic backlight dimming and dark mode, Popcorn Time has made quite a name for itself.

Terrarium TV – Terrarium is quite famous in the South Asian region such as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. The aim is to provide more to Bollywood and Tollywood besides Hollywood films. It has a good collection which includes some of Bollywood’s bests till date. If you are a Bollywood fan, check it out.

Cinema box-cinema box is the joy of cinefile (as most reviewers on the Internet say). This is an Android-only app whose primary purpose is set – free movies and TV series for everyone. The cinema box delivers on what it promises and lets you stream/stream. Can download movies and series over here (for free).

Tubi TV – yet another popular third party app that runs for free on every device (smartphone and tablet). Tubi TV became popular when Cartoon HD wasn’t around. However, it’s not bad at all when it comes to content. It has a good collection of every film and series released till date.

FAQ about Cartoon HD

Is it safe to use Cartoon HD?
Cartoon HD has around 5 million users worldwide and they have not faced any issues to date. Suspicion may argue that something will be wrong here, but trust me, it is absolutely safe to use. In fact, not a single blotware is running in the background that can damage your device. Thus, the Cartoon HD app is a safe and reliable one to use.

What is the process of downloading and installing Cartoon HD?
First you need to download the file using the given link. Open that folder and open the file. When prompted, tap ‘Install’ to start with the installation process. Once the app is installed you can run it from the app tray.

The name Cartoon HD means?

Cartoon HD aims to provide HD content to everyone and is well known for its cartoon and anime collection. So, it gets its name from there.
How much does Cartoon HD cost?

For developers – it costs one smile per user while for users – it literally costs nothing. There is no need to worry about subscribing to anything here as Cartoon HD runs freely without charge.

How much data this app consume?

Let’s just say that Cartoon HD uses less data than YouTube or Netflix. It comes with a compression engine that ensures that video streaming (or downloading) is small in size.